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The Blood Donor Center at Saddleback Medical Center serves the patients, physicians and the hospital community by providing the safest, most technologically advanced blood and blood products of the highest quality.

We adhere to the highest possible medical and technical standards, maintain licensure with the federal and state regulatory agencies, and are accredited by the American College of Pathologists. We promote and encourage blood donation by volunteer donors as a vital civic responsibility and promote the knowledge of transfusion medicine through educational programs.

Why You Should Donate Blood

  • Every year more than 4 million people require life-saving blood transfusions. Blood cannot be manufactured nor purchased. The supply relies solely on the generosity of volunteer donors.
  • Your blood will save lives during times of critical U.S. shortages that occur with greater frequency with each passing year.
  • Every donation helps your friends and loved ones at Saddleback Medical Center by providing blood during times of shortage.


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