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Clinical research programs enable MemorialCare to remain at the forefront of discovery and help us provide patients with the latest and best care.

Studies performed by physicians and other researchers at MemorialCare often open the door to improved patient care, more effective medical and surgical treatments, better diagnostic tools and even cures to certain diseases.

Many Benefits to Research

Research enables MemorialCare to attract many top physicians to our organization and remain on the forefront of medical care. Additionally we are able to sustain well-regarded academic programs for residents, fellows, and teaching faculty.

Types of Research Studies

There are currently more than 300 ongoing research projects at the MemorialCare. Our studies focus on cancer, heart disease, orthopedics, infectious diseases, gynecology, obstetrics, urology, pediatrics, neonatology and many other areas. Several clinical studies are currently seeking patient participants. To find a clinical study that may be of interest to you, please use the search box in the left column.

Philanthropic Support

Much of the research performed at MemorialCare is made possible by grants from the foundations at Long Beach Medical Center and Miller Children's Hospital Long Beach, Saddleback Medical Center, and Orange Coast Medical Center. We welcome philanthropic gifts that will help to further our efforts.

As with any research, finding solutions to today's concerns takes time. MemorialCare is committed to a sustained investment in clinically useful research so we can continue to improve the quality of life of our communities. Research is important work for today and for all our futures.

Trial Number: 942-19

Age Range: 18 Years and older

Gender: Male or Female

Enrolling Patients: Yes

Trial Number: 965-19

Age Range: 18 Years to 90 Years

Gender: Male or Female

Enrolling Patients: Yes

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About Clinical Trials
Clinical trials have a critical role in bringing new and more effective drugs, devices and tests into our lives. However it may be difficult for patients to decide whether a specific clinical trial is right for them.